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Chinafort Gem & Jewellery Trade Association (CGJTA)

Chinafort Gem market Pathe, from the 1970's many companies were actively in the Gem trade and many more companies are in the trade for generations for many decades and still in the top 100 companies for exports of Gems . More than 1000 traders from Beruwala have Gem Licence Dealers from National Gem & Jewellery Authority. There is also a branch of National Gem & Jewellery Authority (NGJA) and Chinafort Gem & Jewellery Association office also in this market. Chinafort Gem & Jewellery Traders Association (CGJTA) is a pioneer gem traders association in Sri Lanka.

1000-5000 local traders and 10 to 100 foreign traders are dealing in this market on a daily basis with the exception of Friday and more popular days are Saturday, Wednesday & Sunday. All kinds of cut & polish gemstones can be found in this market.  There are many young entrepreneurs age less than 40 in this market and the number is increasing day by day and they are improving the standards. All the major dealers in Colombo have an office, branch or agent in this market.

In 2008 Chinafort Gem & Jewellery Traders Association (CGJTA) signed the MOU with Export Development Board (EDB), Investment Development Authority (IDA) and Gem & Jewellery Research and Training Institute (GJRTI) to improve heating methods, cutting & polishing techniques, gemological classes and jewellery craft and trained hundreds of people.  These are good achievements for Chinafort Gem &  Jewellery traders Association (CGJTA).



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