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Mining in Sri Lanka

The most popular method is Mining pits and tunneling. Surface gemming and dredging in river beds are other methods which depend on the nature and location of the gem deposits. In general, gems are concentrated in a layer of coarse pebble like material with some clay and fine sand. This gem gravel known as ‘illam” is generally found below the alluvial deposits.

Where ‘illam’ is close to the surface the pits are shallower and circular but the deep pits have a rectangular shape. The scaffolding is made using planks and stoves. The space between the stoves and earth is stuffed with leaves to prevent walls from collapsing. The water is pumped out by using motors. The tunneling will be resorted to only if the illam vein runs horizontally. The illam in pits are excavated using crow bars whilst river dredging is done using mammoties. Traditional mining is mainly in a small scale with manpower alone.

Beauty Gems owned mines in Bogawantalawa, Eheliyagoda & Ratnapura. And we enjoyed the mining process with family members a few years ago and now these mines are sub-contracted.






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