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About Us | History of our firm

The gem business which our ancestors had been doing for over the last 100 years, inherited to us as an immeasurable gift. The trading of gems in our family began with my great grandfather Al-Haj I.L.M Samsudeen Marikar. He was a very talented gem merchant and apart from being a tradesman he was also a leading social worker. After his death, the Sri Lankan government named a state school in his hometown by his name, which is known as I.L.M Samsudeen Vidyalaya. State schools are rarely named after individuals, but in order to honor him the government decided to do so.  More >>


In 1946 from our Chinafort Gem & Jewellery Trade Association (CGJTA), 70 gems were donated to founder of Pakistan Hon. Ali Ginnah on his 70th birthday. My grandfather Al-Haj S.M.A Zarook was one of the donors among the 70 businessmen who donated 70 gems. The records about this event are still available at the Pakistan Embassy in Sri Lanka. In 1954, my grandfather started mining in Ehaliyagoda, a popular place for gem mining in Ratnapura district. Same time he had a buying office for rough gemstones for over three decades in the Sabaragamuwa province. And he named the shop ‘Lassana Menik Kada’ which in English means Beautiful Gem Shop. He traded in Chinafort Gem market.  More >>


My father Al-Haj A.Z.M Zawahir chairman of Beauty Gems joined my grandfather’s business in 1976. With my grandfather who was a famous gem cutter and gem merchant, he trained himself in buying and cutting rough stones in Ehaliyagoda, Ratnapura and in some other mining places in Sabaragamuwa. In 1981 he started trading cut and polish stones with local and foreign traders in Chinafort market and in Colombo. In this period he could manage to do good deals with most famous companies worldwide.        I and my brother joined my father in business in 2003 and we registered our firm Beauty Gems under Partnership Company in Sri Lanka. The company name came from my grandfather.




Beauty Gems
13, Nowfel Jabir Mawatha, China Fort, Beruwala, Sri Lanka,12070

T: +94 34 227 6238, F: + 94 34 227 6214
M: Ahzar +94 777 680 234    Zawahir +94 777 300 034    Rikas +94 777 908 234

Show Room

9 A, St. Albans Place, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka

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